How To Choose A Size

How To Choose A Size

This article includes helpful information related to our sizing and the topics listed in the catalog.

How Our Sizing Differs

Our sizing is completely different from standard retailers as occasion wear dresses tend to be more structured and less stretchy than regular clothing. We cannot determine your size by your shirt or pant size, so you must measure yourself and compare your measurements to our size chart to find your best size.

You will still need to measure yourself if you've purchased an occasion dress from another formal wear company, as sizing can differ from company to company.

How To Measure

Measurement Guide For Dresses

With the help of a friend or family member, watch our measuring guide video and then follow the instructions using a soft measuring tape (not a ruler or construction tape) to measure your:

A few additional notes to consider when measuring:

When using your measuring tape, you'll want to ensure that you don't pull it too tight around your body. Give yourself some wiggle room so that you have room to breathe.

Wear fitted clothing (like leggings and a tank top) when measuring and a supportive bra (whether you plan to wear a bra with the dress or not). If you have shapewear you plan to wear, wear this when measuring.

You do not need to be measured at a bridal store or by a seamstress. If you are, please ensure they read or watch our guidelines to measure you correctly, as different bridal stores and sewists will take measurements differently.

Measurement Guide For Shoes

When measuring your feet for our shoes, please remember to wear the socks you would normally pair with this type of footwear.

Step 1: Place your foot on the blank paper.

Step 2: Mark the end of your heel and the tip of your longest toe.

Step 3: Measure the length with a ruler and find your size in the chart above.

Measurement Mistakes to Avoid

Pulling the measuring tape too tight

Don’t pull the tape too tight and try not to suck your stomach in while measuring. Think about how comfortable you want to be when eating, dancing, and chatting at your big event.

Sizing down
It’s much easier to make alterations to a dress that’s bigger than what you need, rather than one that’s too small. If you’re in between sizes in different body parts (for example, the bust versus the waist), go with the size corresponding to the bigger measurement.

Not taking the most accurate measurements

Try to be as accurate as possible with all the measurement points. It’ll make for the best-fitting (or at least closest-fitting) dress/shoe size requiring fewer alterations before the event.

Still unsure of which dress/shoe size to order? Feel free to contact us, and our customer service will be more than happy to help you determine your best size.

Find Your Dress Size

The best way to determine your size is to measure your bust, waist, and hips with a soft measuring tape (not a ruler or construction measuring tape) according to our guidelines and then compare those to the designated size chart for your item. You can find the size chart on each item page when you click the "Sizing Guide" button.

Please Note:

Dress/Shoe size depends on the items. Please check the product details page for the exact size.

Our sizing runs true to our size chart, but the measurement sets listed on the size charts reflect the measurements of the human body. They do not reflect the actual dress measurements, as we add little wiggle room to standard-size dresses for comfort.

When you compare your measurements, you may find that yours do not exactly align with the measurements on the chart. Don't worry, you can always order a custom-size dress instead. You can find the exact size information required for the custom-size option on the product details page.

Plus & Petite Sizing

At this time, we do not have any sizes specifically designed to be "petite" or "plus size", but because inclusivity is so important to us, we offer a wide range of standard sizes and a custom size option.

If you can't find a standard size that works for you or require extensive alterations to fit, we offer custom sizing, which considers bust, waist, hips, hollow to floor, and height to create a dress just for you.

Custom Sizing

Custom sizing is one of two options for customers ordering made-to-order dresses. It is an excellent alternative for customers who are in between sizes or who simply want an overall closer fit than a standard size can provide.

With custom sizing, we tailor the dress to the exact bust, waist, hips, height, hollow-to-floor measurements, and the wanted extra length provided.

Custom Sizing Limitations

Because of how our dresses are designed, we're not always able to custom-make a dress to the measurements provided when placing your order. If this happens, don't worry; we will contact you to inform you of the issue and offer some solutions. Please ensure your contact information is accurate before placing your order.

Important Note

Keep in mind that custom sizing is not the same as custom design. If you need a dress to be much shorter or longer than the picture, we won't be able to accommodate that request. That means we can't make a floor-length dress into a knee-length, or make a knee-length dress into a floor-length design.

You can fill in your desired dress length in the Special Instructions column when placing your order, or contact us with your details. Our customer service will check if we can make it.

Never change your height and hollow to floor measurements if you think this will make your dress a bit shorter or longer. The height and hollow to floor measurements are used to determine where the hemline, neckline, and waistline should fall, and changing either of these may move the waistline of your dress up below your neck.

Return Policy for Custom Size Dresses

Custom size dresses are non-returnable for any reason, including, but not limited to, wedding cancellations, incorrect ordering, or size changes. Before you add a custom dress to your shopping bag, you have to confirm you understand that it will be non-returnable.